Welding Aware

How Safe are Your Welded Projects?

You may be PERSONALLY LIABLE for the Welding in your projects.

AWS’ Weld Aware training for Engineers & Supervisors may save you from legislated penalties, expensive cost over-runs or dangerous accidents resulting from failed and sub-standard welding in your projects.

Weld Aware courses are customised for Engineering staff, Project Managers and Business Owner/Managers.


Suited to Owner/Managers and non-technical Executives, this short course is designed for non-welders to learn weld fundamentals while referring to current Australian standards for safety and compliance.

This one-day course covers:

  • joining processes and variable conditions
  • the types of welding
  • ‘checklists’ that have to be completed before selecting a particular process.

The advantages and consequences of an inappropriate weld will be examined through a series of case studies.

There is also a practical basic welding session.

Modules covered:

• Evolution of material joining
• Process and principles of welding
• Basics of welding (practical)
• Process selection

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Suited to design Engineers this 2-day intensive course covers critical aspects of welding metallurgy, the defection and assessment of welding defects, as well as risk-mitigating strategies.

These sessions are designed for the working professional who is seeking a deep understanding of the technical aspects of welding.

Modules covered:
• Welding defects
• Distortion and residual stress
• Defect mitigating strategies
• Application of advanced welding techniques- MSA (practical)
• Pre-heat & PHWT calculations
• Intermediate metallurgy
• Non-destructive examination
• Inspection protocols
• Application of Magnetic Particle Inspection (practical)
• Microstructural Characterisation

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Suited for Project Managers and Design Engineering, this 2-day course introduces participants to the procedures and processes involved in welding quality management and compliance.

Upon completion, you will be aware of what is needed to qualify a weld or review a welding procedure, and have a thorough understanding of occupational health and safety risks, liabilities and management strategies.

Modules covered:

• Quality assurance welding
• Application of ISO 3834
• Application of API 577
• Australian statutory requirements for welding
• Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS)
• QA & QC document control
• Inspection and test plans
• Visual inspections of welds (practical)

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You don’t need to be a welder to care about welding

Overview of three courses

Suitable for welders and engineers, managers, supervisors or executives in industries related to welding. For professional development in reducing risks and exposure to legislative compliance.

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