Our training division, AWS Centre of Excellence (AWS CE) was established in 2009 with a goal to engage workers and employers in metal fabrication and engineering industries, and make Australia world-leaders in these fields.

AWS CE works closely with the metal fabrication and Engineering Industries through Australian Welding Solutions and alliances with various companies. As a result, our Welding and In-Service Inspection students benefit from contemporary, hands-on experience that will give them skills to meet the needs of their industry, now and in the future. We are rigorous in our approach to continuous improvement, which ensures our programs are always at the highest industry standards.

  • Training meets the needs of employers and responds to industry needs and expectations
  • Our staff challenge, motivate and inspire students to learn and excel
  • Our training reflects current research and methodology in the industry
  • Our training inspires pride in workmanship and humility to accept there is always something new to learn
  • Training delivery is flexible to the learning needs of the students

Courses offered by AWS CE have a strong focus on mentoring. Our trainers are experienced members of the engineering and metal fabrication industry and understand the importance of tailoring a program that will train their personnel to competently achieve their goals