Our continuous professional development programs provide Engineers with the expertise to operate in the welding industry with efficiency, safety and compliance.

Weld Aware

AWS’ Weld-Aware courses are designed for professionals, including Principal Welding Engineers, recent Engineering Graduates, and experienced Welders.

These short courses aim to enhance understanding of welding technology and techniques, arc welding processes, weldability, and welding QA/QC matters.

Courses are tailored for groups and offered at AWS’s Adelaide training centre or onsite with minimum participant requirements.

Topics in Welded Structures

Developed specifically for Engineering students, this course provides a unique opportunity to learn more about the science, skills and risks of welding.

Course theory is presented in a university setting, and the practical component is held at the AWS Training Centre, Melrose Park, for hands-on experience.

Pressure Plant Compliance

A one-day workshop to introduce the legal obligations and potential penalties for pressure plant owners, managers and operators.

Welding 101 for Engineers

The Welding 101 course provides a foundational introduction to welding for engineers and professionals.

It covers key arc welding processes—SMAW, GMAW, and GTAW—combining theory with practical application to enhance understanding of weldability, welding forces, and structural integrity of welds.

The course is structured to offer a blend of classroom learning and hands-on training in just one day.


Excellent experience of operators, excellent use of weld examples. Really appreciated learning to weld and having a go.

– Amani O’Brien, Engineering student at the University of Adelaide