Topics in Welded Structures

An AWS Course in conjunction with the University of Adelaide

Welding is an advanced science and is an integral process in manufacturing, defence, resources and construction industries. Industry-experts at AWS have developed this course to give Engineers the unique opportunity to learn more about the science, skills and risks of welding.

Topics in Welded Structures‘ presents the concepts behind welding and joining technology.

  • Welding and joining techniques
  • Equipment and consumables
  • Weldability of engineering materials
  • Economics, standards, health and safety
  • Testing and repair

The concepts are then applied to the design and fabrication of engineering components, process plant and structures. The importance of selecting the correct welding process and parameters for a particular application will be demonstrated by investigating several case studies.

Since a weld/joint can have a profound effect on the performance of a component depending on the in-service conditions it experiences, the influence of the service environment will be investigated.

At the end of the course, students will have the knowledge to assist in the selection of processes and parameters to make appropriately designed, sound joints, fit for service in the operating environment.

Topics covered in this course:

Introduction to Welding

• Welding and Weldability
• The Arc
• Heat Flow in Welding

Weld Fabrication

• Intro to quality assurance in welded fabrication
• Quality control during manufacture
• Residual stresses and distortion
• Economics and productivity

Welding Processes

• Introduction to Welding Processes
• SMAW/GMAW/GTAW + Welding Specification

Weld Quality & Safety

• Welding imperfections/corrosion & acceptance criteria
• Non-destructive testing
• Measurement, control and recording in welding
• Workplace health and safety & compliance

Metallurgy of the Welding of Metals

Overview– types of materials, structure & properties of
metals, phase diagrams, strengthening mechanisms
Steels– metallurgy, heat-treatment, carbon equivalent,
weldability index
• Welding of alloy steels, characteristics & effects of alloying
• Welding of stainless steels

Weld Design

• Basics of weld design
• Joint design for welding & brazing
• Behaviour of welded structures under different types of


• Welding processes- visual inspection workshop
• NDE + Case Studies with Stan Royston

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