Operator Training for Unattended Boilers


Business owners have obligations for operational and maintenance of ‘unattended’ boilers. Penalties may occur to the Individual and Body Corporate as per WHS regulations.

This Training Program for ‘Unattended’ Boiler Operators provides an understanding and awareness of safe operating procedures as per AS2593.

AS 2593 Table 1

Work Health and Safety Regulations 1.1.2017

  • Chapter 3 General Risk and Workplace Management
  • Chapter 5 Registration of plant designs and items of plant

Aspects of AS 3892 are also included in the program.

Course Details

This course is structured into five self-study modules.
These are delivered as individual workbooks to be completed by the student in their own time.
As each module is completed, it is assessed, then the next module is provided to the student.

This is an ongoing program; however, each student has a maximum of 60 days to complete the course.
The program is to be closed after 60 days. It will be necessary to re-enrol and re-pay course fees to re-join the course.

The program is self-paced.  The plant owner or plant owner’s representative will need to record & retain the training time as evidence of the training time spent by each student on the program.
The student’s manager or HR will need to sign off activities on the assessment forms.

AWS CE will issue an attendance certificate for those completing the program and all assessments.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What do Business owners with 'unattended' boilers need to know?

An understanding of:

  • AS2593 Table 1
  • Work Health Safety Regulations 1.1.2017 Schedule 3
  • Work Health Safety Regulations 1.1.2017 Schedule 5

What is an 'Unattended Boiler'?


  • Boiler Unattended: (AS3873-2001) Clause 1.4.2
  • AS 2593-2004: Table 1 Column 1.1

“A boiler designed for fully automatic operation with fail-safe features and suitable for periods of operation without human supervision, subject to regular checks by a competent and subject to specified supervision and maintenance procedures.”

Why Boiler Operators must attend

An understanding and awareness of safe operating procedures as per AS 2593. Legislation requirements (High Risk) Registration Design/Plant as per AS4343 Schedule 5 part 1 & 2.

What is the consequence for the Business owner if WorkSafe SA find an Unattended Boiler being operated without a suitable trained and competent Boiler Operator?

Penalties may occur to the Individual and Body Corporate as per the WHS Regulations

An unsafe practice causes a near-miss or a death

WorkSafe SA may/will prosecute.


Quality Training
AWS has over a decade experience training AICIP Inspectors for the in-service inspection of boilers and pressure vessels.
Our consistently maintained the highest pass marks in Australia for our delivery of AICIP pre-examination training.
Our lead trainer Les Cowley has over 4 decades of experience in the operation and training of boilers and pressure equipment.

Remote training saves money
As this training is delivered remotely, attendees (or the businesses who employ them) have no travel or accommodation costs. This also frees people from the challenges of travelling during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The remote training can be undertaken at times that suit the attendee (or the sponsoring business)

Our fee:  $850 plus GST

Discounts may be available for AWS ISI Boiler clients, and past AWS CE AICIP students who wish to attend the program.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Unattended Boiler Operator training Registration

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    Students may be required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including covered footwear (steel capped boots preferred), Hi-Visibility long sleeve shirt, long pants, ear and eye protection, and a welding Helmet. Attendees who do not comply with the required dress code may be refused admission to course. AWS staff will advise students when PPE is required. AWS CE Instructors reserve the right to suspend from training courses participants who are disruptive or unsafe. Courses will commence at the listed time. If an attendee is running late they are to contact the AWS CE instructor to notify of expected time of arrival. Persons arriving more than 30 minutes after the scheduled start time may be refused admittance to course. The AWS CE Payment & Cancellation Policy can be found below.
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